Cirrus Explorer

Introducing our powerful search engine crawler – your gateway to comprehensive web indexing and intelligent search capabilities. Our advanced crawler is designed to meticulously traverse the vast expanse of the internet, intelligently scanning and indexing web pages to provide up-to-date and relevant search results. Equipped with cutting-edge algorithms and advanced filtering techniques, our crawler ensures the delivery of accurate and reliable information for users across various industries and interests.

The crawler obeys robots.txt and for exclusion simply add these lines in your robots.txt.

User-agent: CirrusExplorer
Disallow: /

If you encounter crawling frequency problems please use Crawl-delay: s directive (where s in the number of seconds between crawls) as in the example below.

User-agent: CirrusExplorer
Crawl-delay: 10

We pride ourselves on the efficiency and precision of our search engine crawler, constantly optimizing its performance to stay ahead in the dynamic world of web indexing. With a focus on respecting website policies and data privacy, our crawler operates ethically and responsibly, ensuring a seamless experience for website owners and users alike. Harness the full potential of web exploration with our exceptional search engine crawler – a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of search technology.